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June 30, 2022 • Community

Parkland's Consistent Customer Service

Parkland USA recognizes Branch Manager Larry Falch, a star employee of our Tropic ROC. Larry is known by co-workers for his dedication, great attitude, and commitment to customer service.

Larry holds together strong customer relationships because he treats his customers with full curtesy always. Make your customer love you! I go above and beyond. It’s that simple,” he explains.

Larry had worked for Tropic Oil well before Parkland USA acquired the company. Originally from South Dakota, Larry went into the US Army upon graduating high school. Once he arrived at Tropic as a driver, he moved into the warehouse and was eventually promoted to branch manager.

At Parkland, Larry appreciates the company’s dedication to family values. “I like the consideration that is put into the people. Safety has gone up. I’ve been in corporate before and I was just a number, but Parkland is a different kind of corporation. To Parkland, you are a person. That’s why I try to instill that we are a family. We are not just a company,” he says.

Parkland employees all appreciate Larry’s consistent, open-minded attitude. “I speak my opinion. I like getting things done. I like treating people how I want to be treated,” he explains. “I treat people fair and don’t come to judgement until I hear all sides. I am straightforward. I want people to be straight forward with me.”

To the people at Parkland, Larry builds great teams and keeps customers happy. Thank you, Larry, for all of your hard work, consistency, and enthusiasm.