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Premier Specialty Products

Industry’s Leading Specialty Products

Rhinehart carries a comprehensive line of the industry's leading specialty product brands that support multiple industries and applications.

All industry vehicles, equipment and shops require specialized ancillary products to maximize performance. We provide specific bulk and packaged specialty products to keep your business running smoothly.

Our specialty solutions include:

Person pouring washer fluid in their car sold by Rhinehart Oil.

Washer Fluid

Antifreeze fluid sold by Rhinehart Oil being poured in a vehicle.


Two propane tanks sold or rented by Rhinehart Oil.


White oil bubbles.

White Oil

Round image of a truck on a snowy road.

Winterized Fuel

Round image of spray oil sold by Rhinehart Oil.

Spray Oil

Penetrating oil products sold by Rhinehart Oil.

Penetrating Oil

Round image of a person polishing a car with detailing finish sold by Rhinehart Oil.

Auto Detailing

Two people cleaning cogs in cleaning fluids sold by Rhinehart Oil.

Solvents & Safety Solvents

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